Sublime-Translator, translate as you type

Fri 07 February 2014

Since I love and (ab) use 24/7 the Sublime Text editor, I wrote Sublime-Translator, a simple plugin to quickly translate text in any language using Google translate. In case you’re not using Sublime Text as your main text editor, you’re missing out a lot.

Here’s how the plugin works: write anything you want to translate, be it a word or a sentence, then enter a language code (en, fr, es, it, sq, etc. Full list here) to translate text into that language, and then press the CTRL + SHIFT + l shortcut, and the text you just typed will translate into that language.

For example, typing 'what a wonderful day fr' and then pressing CTRL + SHIFT + l, will convert the text into 'Quelle belle journée'.

To install, make sure you have git installed, open a terminal and go to the Packages directory of your Sublime installation (you can find it by going to Sublime Text menu >> Preferences >> Browse Packages...) and do a:

git clone

That was it.